Supporting Patients with Travel and Care Costs

We know that undertaking a course of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or participating in research is a major commitment that can throw up seemingly insurmountable logistical problems.

Child care, travel costs and other necessary arrangements may need to be made to enable a patient to travel on a daily basis to the clinic for treatment.

Our charity provides direct support to patients to help with:

  • Travel

    Travel arrangements and costs for taxis, train or other means of travel.

  • Childcare

    Costs to cover Child Care or care for the partner to enable individuals to attend treatments on a regular basis.


    We provide support to meet costs of accommodation when needed. Treatments can stretch over 6 to 8 weeks and for those patients living further afield, it may be easier to find local accommodation during the week rather than travel long distances on a daily basis.

Please contact us for advice on how we can support your needs by contacting our team on 020 8539 1222.