Clinicians at the Hyperbaric centres run by LHM Healthcare, have become experts in treating critically ill patients needing Hyperbaric Oxygen as the sole therapy, or part of the therapy of serious medical conditions.

Team members are currently in the process of setting up a study looking at the incidence and management of patients who had accidental air injected into their circulation. This is called Iatrogenic (complications of medical treatment) Gas (air or any gas used in medical procedures) Embolism, or CGE for short. This unfortunate complication of many medical procedures is difficult to diagnose and the best management at the moment seems to be Hyperbaric Treatment.

In order to get this study nationally recognised there is a need to get research development approval and ethics agreement. Part of this process is to ensure enough funding to complete this study, which is fortunately not a very expensive project. Hyperbaric Medicine Research will be assisting this work by contributing towards a research fund to assist with this funding.